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Place text along a path. In-place editing of transformed text. Whether you're creating beautiful illustrations or tweaking your latest design, Graphic offers versatility and precision with features such as full vector editing controls. Now with Apple Pencil support. Graphic automatically detects variable-width brush strokes. Get the look you want. Precisely edit or create your own brushes with Graphic's detailed brush editor. Draw, edit and perfect your strokes at any time with full path and node editing capabilities.

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Create detailed technical designs, floor plans, and schematics using Graphic's customizable canvas grid, smart alignment guides, object snapping, and dimensioning tools. Choose from a variety of ruler unit display formats including pixels, feet, inches, yards, and metric units. Built-in canvas style templates, with a fully customizable grid and margins. Set ruler units in pixels, inches, mm, and cm, and apply a scale factor to create to-scale designs.

Add dimension labels, custom text labels or simple text labels to any object. Draw automatic dimension lines to create technical diagrams and schematics. Auto-calculated labels for length, width, height, and area. Build mockups and interface designs with ease. Start designing your next website or app wherever inspiration strikes. Using Graphic's vector drawing tools, shapes libraries, and layer effects features sketch out rough ideas or make fully pixel-perfect mockups.

Apply drop shadows, inner shadows,inner and outer glows to shapes. Add multiple strokes, fills, and effects to a single object. Arrange the order of fills, strokes, and effects using drag and drop. Save and reuse appearance styles. Create your own libraries of reusable custom shapes. Quickly create designs by organizing and reusing sets of related shapes. Included sample libraries for Floor Plans, Mockups, and Symbols. Import and export layered Photoshop PSD files.

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  • Unlike most applications which simply import the bitmap data from a PSD file, Graphic can import Shape Layers as fully editable vector paths and import Layer Styles as native Appearance Styles. We've worked hard to ensure that imported PSD files appear as closely as possible to the original design, all while remaining editable in Graphic. Graphic can easily import PDF and SVG files containing many thousands of vector objects, including maps and other large designs.

    PDF files can also be imported as plain images to add some last-minute annotations or a fast signature. Graphic for MAC gives you the possibility to stylize objects using vivid colors, gradients, seamless pattterns or even images. Create detailed shapes using Graphic's tools and vector shape building techniques. Easily mask or organize objects as you wish. All of the features you'd expect to find in a professional design application are all right here.

    Take projects on the go without leaving behind your favorite features. Graphic on iPad Pro is seamlessly similar to Graphic for Mac. Start using your favorite shortcuts right away. Create groups, lock shapes, join paths and more. Document tabs allow you to easily switch between multiple documents open at the same time. Create new layers, change their order, merge,and delete them in the Layers panel.

    Apply Linear, Radial or Angle gradients. Easily save and reuse colors or gradients. Apply patterns and easily adjust them.

    Use built-in patterns or create your own seamless pattern. Import images in Graphic and stylize them like any other object. Even text can be filled with images. Union, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude and Divide paths. Quickly create custom shapes or join and disconnect vector paths. Vector shapes and images can be clipped as a group inside another vector shape.

    Easily adjust a clipping path and add new objects. Neatly stack objects, easily reorder or grop objects. Align or distribute the selected object's positions relative to each other. Smart guides allow you to quickly align objects. Point snapping and the magnifier loupe help you create precise designs. Resize your entire artwork in an instant using the Resize Artwork feature. Easily scale Styles and Effects proportionally. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best digital drawing tools for creating packaging, banners, websites, logos, icons, and more.

    The app not only allows you to start with a completely blank canvas but also allows you to import your own images and use them as a starting point to create your digital masterpiece. If you are looking for something that is mainstream and powerful, look no further than Adobe Photoshop.

    The Bitmap Image Editor for Mac OS X

    Also, if you are looking for a free open-source software that has almost every Photoshop feature, you should check out GIMP. The app brings a complete graphic design solution for all of your needs. My favorite thing about Affinity Designer is that all its tools and features are built keeping end-users in mind.

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    • That means they are easy to access and easy to learn and use. With Affinity Designer, you can create illustrations, icons, branding materials, printing projects, mockups, and more. The app also supports non-destructive operations which gives it an edge over its competitors.

      You will get all these features and more for just a one-time payment fee. For a long time, AutoDesk Sketchbook has been one of the best drawing programs on a Mac or PC and it still is the same. That change has made this the best free dragon program for every designer out there.

      Whether you are a designer, an illustrator, or an animator, Sketchbook will help you not only improve your skills but also create amazing art once you are spend some time on it. My favorite feature of the Sketchbook is its minimalistic UI which dissolves out of your way when you are actually creating your piece. You are left with a blank piece of a digital canvas where your creativity can flow easily. Features are one of the many things that make AutoDesk Sketchbook one of the best drawing programs.

      Paintbrush for Mac - Download

      There are more than designer brushes, support for unlimited layers, blending modes, grouping of layers, and more. Corel Painter Another great tool for designers, illustrators, and digital artists is the Corel Painter which brings a plethora of tools to help you get the job done. Corel Painter markets itself as a tool for pros created by the pros. Fortunately, that description is not far from the truth. You get a huge selection of brushes more than , exclusive particles, pattern pens, thick paint brushes, and much more. Corel Painter is supported by its huge library of video tutorials which is great for any artist to get started on.

      That being said, if you are a beginner, you will find it a little harder to get started on. uses cookies.

      While Photoshop is a competent tool for designers if you are looking for the best drawing programs for vector design, Adobe Illustrator is what you should be using. Hundreds of thousands of designers and artists use Illustrator CC to create everything from web icons and product packaging to book illustrations and billboards and are quite happy with it. With Illustrator, you will get all the tools that you need to turn simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics.

      Since you are working with vector graphics here, your artwork can scale anywhere from a small smartphone to a billboard. You also get access to gorgeous typography and freehand drawing tools. Illustrator is definitely a drawing program you should check out. Krita If you are looking for one of the best drawing programs that is free and open-source, and which brings all the professional tools at your disposal, look no further than Krita. Krita is used by designers all over the world to create concept art, comics, illustrations, and more.


      While all the other above-mentioned drawing programs focus more on illustrations, Krita is more geared towards comics and concept artists. The app features an intuitive and customizable user interface with awesome features such as brush stabilizers, pop-up pallets, different brush engines, an extensive resource manager and more.

      If you are into drawing art and comics, you should definitely check it out. Inkscape Another open-source, free, and powerful drawing program for creators is Inkscape. Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape is a great free tool for you. The program offers plenty of features including object creation, object manipulation, color selector, node editing, path conversion, multi-line text support, anti-aliased display, support for almost all the major file formats and more.

      In fact, Inkscape is probably one of the best free drawing programs that can work as a kind of Illustrator alternative as well. Clip Studio Clip Studio is one of the best drawing programs for artists and illustrators who primarily work on manga. While it can easily be used for normal illustrations and animations, it really excels when you are using the tool to create a manga. I mean, it is the official successor of Manga Studio and is recommended by all the major manga and comics creators around the world. The program offers features such as advanced pen pressure detection for natural, realistic-looking pen strokes, decoration tools for easy drawing of complex areas, vector layers, quick coloring, and more.

      If you plan to work in either the manga or comic industry, this will be your buddy in your journey.

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