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MacGamer has posted a review of the X-Arcade joystick system as well as an interview with Yours Truly. Speaking of which, the 3DO Company announced it was shipping the game for the Mac this week. Pixar's new movie Finding Nemo will spawn two new games for PC and Mac when the movie is released next year. Voting on uDevGame contestants starts this week. As always, we encourage readers to drop us a line if you have ideas for ways that we can improve our games coverage here on MacCentral, if you have questions that weren't answered, or if you have Mac games or related services you'd like to see featured on these pages.

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Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. BoXiKoN released by e. TXT archive Version 1. Goal is to cross a hexagonal minefield from top left to bottom right corner Game automatically opens first square. Game saves 10 best highscores Sound effects.

Flag by pressing a key choice available and clicking Superclick - chord by clicking on a square Version 1 - Single 20x21 square grid and no Timer, game asks for number of mines each time, goal is to cross the minefield, you can only move to a square next to one already opened 'walking'. Version 2 - Hexagonal window and grids sizes Small, Medium and Big.

Time but score based on points.

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You can play original cross the minefield mode, or flag all mines and open all safe squares mode. Based on Mines Griscom, Version 2. Ingemar emailed this site and said, "I was quite proud of version 2, which is purely hexagonal, including the playfield and even the window. However, that solution is not portable to OSX, and likely to break emulators. Earliest known public reference is is June Ingemar notes, "Hexmines was one of my first Mac games, written right after Bikaka hexagonal Tetris [ Bikaka was written in so it is likely that the first draft to Hexmines was also written then.

TXT Version 2. Has a tutor feature that suggests moves based on simple logic. Instructions Virtual. DSK Original release Only instruction file exists, accidentally included with another game of the same name Freeware. No sound. Superclick - click on square touching flags to chord Macs had a 1 button mouse.

Freeware above collection was unauthorised Game was finished a few days before release date.

CPT archive Version 1. Black and White, no colour Sound effects are a 'ping' for each click, and an explosion for hitting a mine. You flag by holding the command key while clicking Superclick - click on square touching flags to chord while holding down command key Timer is optional Game is 10x10, default is to randomly provide between 10 and 20 mines but this range can be set at start of each game.

No highscores. SIT archive Version 2. Saves 3 highscores for each of the 3 levels. Levels are 8x8 10 mines , 16x16 45 mines , 16x30 99 mines Sound effects. Game automatically opens first square.

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Superclick - click on square touching flags to chord. To flag you can choose key to press from preferences, or uniquely you can click on a square only touching its own number of squares and it will flag them for you.

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Options to add craters these prevent you deriving information from a square , having mine that move, or having a randomizer square when you open it all mines are relocated. You can pause a game but it hides the board until you restart to prevent cheating. You must flag all mines and open all safe squares to win.

Sound effects and colour Saves 10 best highscores No superclick chording Hint feature could suggest moves added by Matt. Works with OS 6 or later Version 1.

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  7. A variant of Minesweeper has been included as a demo program in the main Racket distribution almost since its inception back when it was "PLT Scheme". It's bare-bones compared to our old Mac version, though. Four grid types: squares, parquet, hexagons, or a mix of small and large squares Four levels: 8x13 10 mines , 12x19 27 mines , 16x25 68 or 80 mines SuperMine mode you start as a Private and every 5 wins move up a military rank A fuse acts as a timer while you play Points awarded based on rank and time left for each finished game Multiple lives, you lose points for each life lost or you lose when none left Hidden treasure and lives in the game, Hint feature costs points to use Ablity to pause game board is hidden Option to play Mini Mines mode with single games, no highscores and no progression Flag by holding Shift or Option while you click Superclick - chord by holding Option or double-clicking on number Game automatically opens first square Sound effects You must open all safe squares and flag all mines to win.

    Requires Mac OS 6. Black and White, no colour Sound effects One highscore for each of the 3 levels. Superclick - click on square touching flags to chord Has Cheat features and gives Hints. Shareware but now full access abandonware Version 2. Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. Features Predefined and custom board settings. Save and load games.

    Resume last unfinished game on launch enabled by default. The first click always opens a clean area.

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    You can cheat shooting a laser beam to uncover the next empty cell. Optional animations and sounds enabled by default. Smooth graphics: Vector drawing using OpenGL. Window can be resized at any time maintaining an approximated default or exact aspect ratio. Fully customizable appearance: You can change font, colors, and images you can use your own images too.

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    It includes a set of predefined themes. It is guaranteed to run in OS X Want to help? If you want to improve the game or add any feature, your code is welcome. History v3. Fixed a bug related to the font selection dialog. Improved default theme.

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