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I have seen that there are four pages in the config settings, and have gone through and made sure that only page one has the settings for the joystick, but still no dice. If anyone has any pointers or tips specific to the config of controls in the Mech 2 game series, I would be very grateful! Posted 17 February - PM Hey, this was a private message that might help you if you have no experience with this type of process.

Dunnardel, on 17 February - AM, said: Ok i downloaded all 7 files from that site, i have no idea what to do with them after that and ive never used dos box and id really love to play this game, i do have dosbox downloaded though. Can you spare some time to walk me through this? Every now and then you can find a copy of the win95 version on Amazon, but they're all either 2nd hand, or stock that's been dumped.

Either way, the DOS version is for all intents and purposes, extinct in a commercial sense. People still want to play this game, and do not have a vendor to purchase the game from. I have a legitimate copy and am willing to share this awesome game, for no monetary or equity gain. Fair is fair.

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Not selling it? I'm sharing it for free. If Activision really wants to, they could just ask that the link be taken down. Abandonia, and myself are respectful of the grey area this treads legally, and they would take it down without a fuss. If Activision is really butthurt by this, they can subpoena Abandonia for my email address or contact details and I would fully comply. Since the link has been up for a few years now, I'm guessing that they don't care as long as nobody else is profiting on their hard work.

I thought I did everything as you wrote, damn, double damn I'll reboot and try again Edited by Opus, 17 February - PM. Posted 17 February - PM Artiifice: are you running windows 7? I must really be f'ing it up here, 3rd attempt and I get locked everytime,, I did get the flash screen for a few seconds EDIT: Nevermind a few beers, and noticing the win 32 files I got it fixed Posted 18 February - AM This smacks of warez. The fact that Activision doesn't sell it anymore doesn't put it into the public domain. The IP is primarily held by MicroSoft, but Activision have a degree of legacy ownership that I can say I don't fully understand and you haven't bothered to look into at all.

Posted 18 February - AM At the same time I do not think Activision or Microsoft are really going to give a crap about some mid 90s game that they are not producing any of, and as such will make no profits off it at all. Anyone havinhg problems I stand behind MechVM. Besides, I'm proud to take full responsibility for this - This was a great game and I'm just glad I still have the disk. I can't see any reason for any of the companies involved to waste their time trying to stop the sharing of this one, especially as all it would take to do so is an email.

Posted 22 February - AM After heavy discussion with Dunnardel , it appears that this method will not work under Windows 7. If anyone gets this to work with Win 7, please post here with tips and fixes! Edited by Artifice, 22 February - AM. They're not made for running games, they don't have fast video draw routines.

Same goes for Bochs. And DosBox does not support Protected Mode games. FWIW, I've got all three installed right now and working in No problems whatsoever. Should work for ya.

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Thanks, for the links. And while I've been registered for a while actually several years, but I never posted so the account died my visits can be described as infrequent at best. ARs is just such a huge forum, I find reading everything a daunting task. Is there something I download and is so from where? I am registered and logged in, I'm just kinda at a loss as to what I'm looking for is all. From the link Well I'm officially giving up because I can't seem to comprehend anything on VOGON, I have like 6 different things downloaded that I can't seem to figure out what they do at all, but they're supposed to help somehow.

I have like 6 different things downloaded that I can't seem to figure out what they do at all, but they're supposed to help somehow. I wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaannnddd This may cause the application to function incorrectly. CHoose "Close" to terminate the application. Drive X will be your first CD drive then your next. Hit F until it ends the chain and the Installer starts.

A Warning screen will pop up saying that you do not have enought memory. The installer is most likely wrong in your case. Hit YES. Another warning screen will pop up complaining about VESA.

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Install the game! Patch the game to v1.

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If you do not then when you launch a mission the game will freeze on the dropship screen. Patching the game to v1. GAME Upon running the game at the menu the mouse will be stuck in a "box" in the upper-left hand side of the screen. Use Mouse2kv to correct this. The game will also crash if you click on the globe or when you first enter the game after the respective clan video. So in short: 1. Install Game. Patch to v1. COM 4. Execute mouse2kv 8 8 MECH2. Play game! If this doesn't work for you then use Connectix Virtual PC.

Ca be found at www. Don't install it. If you do use a stick I would say that rudder control is essential. The game has great ambiance, and even when things are quiet and you are making your way to the next waypoint I never had the sense of boredom or wishing there was more action on a 10km hike. If anything "killed" this game for me, it was myself. I was tinkering with loadouts and stumbled upon an unbeatable mech design, at that point the game became too easy and I moved on to waste even more of my life on X-Wing vs.

TIE Fighter, a game that I would rate x better than EA's sad cashgrab even though they had access to the entire prop studio and production materials , and would still be playing that today if it didn't feel so clunky in an emulator. My "magic" loadout was a Nova chassis with 5 large lasers enough heatsinks to fire them and not blow yourself up, Jump jets not enough to fly but enough to "skip" along the landscape at approx Kph, and whatever armor you can fit in after that.

You become too maneuverable to hit and a single strike on a leg 2 vs. You just need to get good at mobile sniping. Mercenaries was nice too, but featured only the Blackhawk variant of the Nova, with no torso twist. So I wasn't as much of a fan. Same as I will take Xwing vs. Just no comparison in quality. Nano 0 point DOS version. Aries 2 points. OK, the last comment I posted was how to get the grungy old dos version to work from within DosBox.

Download MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

An easier an prettier way to do it is to follow this guy's directions. I don't think it's the prettiest it can be, but I'll keep looking. Aries 3 points DOS version. Remember, you need to rename the.

Download MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat - My Abandonware

CUE file, not the. BIN file! Type MECH2 and your game should start! If not, I have NO idea, sorry DireWolf89 -4 points Windows version. Downloaded the Windows version. Can't say I'm surprised, but it is disappointing. EXEs but im on win10 so it just says "application". LoTA 0 point. I used to spend countless hours perfecting my tactics and loadouts. This Game got me through a lot of bad times growing up and I will always be grateful to the creators of this masterpiece. Bookmarking this page to start on DLing later.

Thank you so much dear OP for making this game available to us all! Funky Spingers 1 point DOS version. This game is nostalgia heaven for me! And this is the first time I've played it in years with the music!

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Had no problems running the preinstalled ISO, runs as sweet as a nut. Making the config easy on myself and using DBGL as a front end. Anyone got the Windows and 3DFX versions? Also the NetMech expansion. It's also worth noting that the mechwarior 2: mercenaries game you have here is considered an expansion to this one, despite being stand alone.

HEHE 1 point. OMG good old times I remember buying this in a jewel case for 99 cents along with its expansion. All the commenters on this site that complain that dosbox is hard to use or they can't get games working are hilarious. Stop being lazy and read the Dosbox manual before using it or the online wiki. I've been able to get all dos game to work perfectly with a few rare exceptions.

LOL this is why I hate windows, it enables it's users to be lazy and dull about computing, they expect everything to be like McDonalds. Go Linux baby, and take control of your masheenn. I wish all the instructions to install this both the write-ups and videos were not done by I. Kyle -2 points DOS version. I don't get it. Using dosbox 0. What am I doing wrong?

DzSma 2 points DOS version. Ok, MECH2. Wish me luck. DzSma 0 point DOS version. When I try to mount the disc image, dosbox says image not found - I've triple checked it all, not sure why it isn't recognising the cue file I'm on a mac but I can't open the disc image, I think the.

Any ideas? Alex 0 point DOS version. Doctor Bell 1 point. This game is a fantastic mech game. I'm 15 years old, but this game was well made and enjoyable. It has great gameplay, great controls that are customizable and it has Two campaigns for the price of one!

I highly recommend this game and playing it for the first time.

mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download
mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download
mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download
mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download
mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries mac download

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