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It is a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep and his friends enjoy the sun, when suddenly the sky darkens and lightning fills the sky. An evil wizard appears, he steals the Leprechaun's gold, and kidnaps all the villagers except Lep, who luckily escapes. The wizard is planning to use the Leprechaun's magic and combine it with his own to take over the world.


Lep has to save his friends and family all alone. So help him to gain more powerful abilities to defeat the wizard. Jump and run through Lep's world and have fun with 96 awesome well-designed levels.

Note: Get more abilities after each World. Have fun!!

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We update the game every few weeks so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the new features and levels! New to the game? Coming back after a break? About time!


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While it certainly does resemble the old Mario games,it does have its own charm to make it something more than just a knock off. A great way to pass the time and far better than most platform games on the App Store. I would put it a little below the sonic games for iOS but above any other Mario copies in terms of quality. The story is just like any platform game : it's almost nothing. Gameplay is quite similar to super mario bros games for the nes and snes. Overall, an Excellent game.

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In stage my purchased lep's world 2 is crashing. I am using 4s with ios6. I want patch. Review: Although not that much new in 2nd world. I submitted a comment to the developer months ago and they responded that this is a known issue, but yet there is no fix. Do not buy. Otherwise it is amazing and i love it!

Download Lep’s World 2 🍀🍀 for PC AND MAC

Definitely worth the 99 cents! And as I see from the reviews I am not alone on this problem… How to skip this? View More Similar Apps Review by LovelyJulia:o.

Lep's World 2 Plus

Review by iTunes4Ever Lep's World 2. Lep's World Plus.

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Lep's World 2 Plus: Level 4-2 Walkthrough - Mac iPhone iPad iPod [Let's Play] #26

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leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
leps world 2 for mac Leps world 2 for mac
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