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For those of you who didn't catch Spearow before, now's your chance. Another Pokemon of interest are the Nidoran and Jigglypuff. Be sure to at least land a Nidoran Female for breeding, but if you're playing Fire Red and can't stand to search so long, grab a male one since IMO, that one's better anyway. Jigglypuff aren't that great but you need it for your Pokedex. This is the only place to find it so grab it before moving along. This is a horrible place to train Grass and Bug Pogleys so move your butt out of there if you plan to train Bulbasaur Ivysaur? Remember Geodude? You'll want it, trust me.

Zubat are only good if they can evolve into Crobat so I don't recommend getting one yet. Clefairy and Paras are rare and unique to this area, so get one! Train your Pokemon here as it's an excellent training ground if the Pokemon can take down Geodudes. Paras seem to appear more often now than in the original RBY, so don't get sos psyched when you see one. The first thing when you get to Mount Moon besides catching Pokemon is to avoid the trainers and head left to the opposite side of the large rock. Collect TM09 containing Bullet Seed and move.

From there, move up and to the left of the trainer and water is a Paralyze Heal. OK, now let's fight the trainer there. He will have a Level 11 Weedle and Kakuna. From him, move back on track to the right. There will be another trainer there. If you need to know what a Clefairy looks like, here it is. The Lass will hold a Level 14 Clefairy. It can be a bit difficult with attacks like Doubleslap and Encore, but you should be able to handle. This is your last chance to heal so do so if you took some damage. Now, after that from the Lass, keep following the path. There is a ladder take it down.

Collect the Star Piece and retrace your steps back. When you get back, go south and to the left path. Take the Potion West of him and head East. Get the Rare Candy and move on. As you keep going on the right path, you should find another Escape Rope. When you get to the end of the path, you should be in an area near the top of the ladder you went to before. There's a man rotating in a pile of rocks. Talk to him if you want, he's not a trainer. Keep going directly West from there to find a Lass moving around. Fight her Level 11 Bellsprout and Oddish.

Keep going along the path. You should find a ladder. Before leaving, make sure you pick the hidden item in the rock which is Ether. When you get back to the ground floor, there should be a trainer. Fight the Youngster's 2 Rattatas and Zubat all Level Hopefully you haven't dumped Butterfree yet or have your starter with you. Take the ladder and go along the path. Before you go on when you resurface, head up to find a Revive which should come in handy if your weakening at this point I hope you aren't Now head back and right.

Fight the Rocket's Level 13 Rattata and Sandshrew and move on. They're both tougher than wild ones with new attacks, so be prepared. Go to the little trench in the right to find a hidden Moon Stone in the Rock. Now, go up and fight the Super Nerd. He is a bit tough holding a Level 12 Grimer hope you have Butterfree After defeating the Super Nerd, you will be given a choice of two fossils. The first one on the left is a Dome Fossil. This will will become a Kabutops which is rather cool and has good attack, and the second one it the Helix Fossil which later becomes Omastar, a Pokemon specializing in Special Attack and Defense.

Omastar is much more useful in link battles, so I recommend that although Kabutops does look cooler. I chose the Helix Fossil. Wonder when you'll exit? Don't worry, you're almost there. Keep going and collect an Antidote and head up the ladder. There's going to be no more trainers from this point on so celebrate if you're weak! When you exit, first get used to the light and greenery. Are you OK now? Good, head East and you will find two Move Tutors. The one on the right will teach Mega Kick and the one on the left Mega Punch.

These moves will both suck later on if you plan to battle with friends, but at the moment they are pretty good. They will teach only one of your Pokemon those attacks so choose wisely if at all. You won't be able to go back for a while so if you want you can go back through Mount Moon, but who would do that? Pick up TM05 Roar and head on to the next town in which you can stock up. The Bike Shop.

You can't get one yet : 2. The Super Potions. Buy them if you have strong Pokemon. The hidden Rare Candy in the backyard of the house on the upper left corner who tells you about the badges. It's located near the right side. The Police Officer blocking the house. Don't worry about that yet. The house next to the Pokemon Center. The man wants a Poliwhirl. You probably don't have one now so go back to him later. The Pokemon blocking the little tree.

We'll get there later too. The House next to the Poliwhirl man. He gives you a bottle to hold crushed berries. After healing and stocking up, you probably want to check out that patch of grass West of here right? Well, go right ahead. Just don't leave the city through the other exit. Everything else you should have. Unless you are underleveled, move on.

From here, you have two choices. You can either defeat the Gym Leader or explore what's later on. I personally explored a bit to train some more before fighting. So, what's keeping ya? Let's go on! If you have not caught a Pikachu and own a Squirtle or especially Charmander, take the bridge first and come back to this section later. Since I chose good old Bulbasaur, I'm doing the gym first. Beware, both routes you choose have challenges.

Skip through the walkthrough to find the part you're at. As you come in the gym, you can probably guess this gym leader's theme. OK, no puzzles in this gym either, which is great. Go straight up and battle the swimmer or even skip him if you'd like, but what about all that wasted experience? The Shellder has Icicle Spear that is super effective against Grass types but that shouldn't be able to take down strong ones.

Now, onto the next trainer! Or, if you choose to skip her, on to Misty! OK, now for the big stuff. My party: Pokemon Level Ivysaur 18 Pidgeotto 18 Beedrill 15 As you can see, I dumped most of my not-so-great Pokemon or those who level up to slow. Staryu, the pre-evolution of Starmie, is fast and has powerful Water attacks.

Starmie is stronger and has better defenses. Both carry a strong attack, Water Pulse, that has a high chance of confusing you. Switch often and hope you live. Just go all out with Electric and Grass attacks which both Staryu and Starmie are weak against and don't bother using Geodude and Sandshrew, both weak very weak to water. She's difficult with low level Pokemon so be at least level 15 when battling her! That annoying Water Pulse confusing thang is now yours to use!

I mean, use only once. Oh well. Note: For those that returned in the rod, there's no Pokemon in this gym like the previous versions : Now that you have beaten Misty, it's time to travel along Nugget Bridge. Go up to the bridge and take a look at the glorious magnificent structure and change since RBY and Who's that coming? OMG it's your rival! He's almost, if not harder than Misty! Although his levels aren't as high as hers, he has more Pokemon. If you've beaten Misty, you should have no problem with this, but if you can't beat him, then you really have to train. Use a Pikachu or Geodude against Pidgeotto, you should at least have one of those.

If you don't, tough luck since Sand Attack will be a huge problem. If you have a high level Pidgey or Pidgeotto of your own then it can work since it does have Keen Eye preventing Accuracy Loss. Any Pokemon with decent defense, namely Geodude and Sandshrew, can take care of Rattata.

Abra is the least of your worries, all it can do is Teleport which does absolutely nothing. It's worse than Metapod and Kakuna for now. Now for Rival's starter. Although they're not evolved yet, they carry element attacks in which you should beware of. However, by now you can get Pokemon that can withstand any of the starters attacks and can deal super effective hits to them. Use it and the starter'll be gone quick.

Note that you should probably keep that starter killer for the rest of the game. After beating Rival you'll get a Fame Checker. It does You'll hear news from famous people. OK, go back and heal and restock, then it's time to take the Nugget Bridge challenge. What's the challenge you ask? Beat 5 trainers.

They all suck compared to Gary so they should be no problem. Just train your weak Pokemon on them. Next up is a Youngster holding a Level 14 Sandshrew and Ekans. Getting harder yet? The last trainer, a Camper, will hold a Level 18 Mankey. Excellent, we beat the Nugget Bridge challenge, right? The next dude will give you a prize Nugget. Sell it. After getting through, get the TM45 Attract at the top. Now, it's time to go Pokemon catching! If you manage to find your version exclusive here, catch it and train it well if you don't have Bulbasaur. Both of those Pokemon are useful as Grass types and are the only you'll find in a while.

They are also effective aginst Misty if you haven't defeated her yet. You'll still find the caterpillars here. One thing to note is Abra. Remember Gary and his useless Abra who can't Teleport? Well, it can Teleport here and with that as its only move, it will escape all battles and be difficult to catch. You will want to catch it and evolve as soon as possible since it evolves into a VERY strong Psychic type, one of the best in the game.

If you don't have either, just chuck Pokeballs at it although there will be a low chance of you actually catching it. Come back and try later if you need to. This place is a poor training area so just go on to the next few trainers and beat every one of them.

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Camper, Level 14 Rattata and Ekans. Hiker, Level 15 Machop and Geodude. Youngster, Level 14 Rattata and Spearow. Hiker, Level 17 Onix. Youngster, Level 17 Slowpoke.


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Picnicker, Level 15 Nidoran Male and Female. Hiker, 3 Level 13 Geodudes and a Level 13 Machop. Before you fight this trainer, make sure you stay close to the Hiker below so that he'll move out of the way allowing you to get Secret Power behind him. If you don't get it, you'll just have to wait until you get the HM Cut. This trainer's walking around. Youngster, Level 14 Ekans and Sandshrew.

Last trainer now. Lass holds a 2 Level 13 Oddishes and a Pidgey. There, you'll see a weird Talk to it, and it'll explain that he is Bill and got trapped in a Pokemon's body during an experiement and can't turn back.

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So, of course, help him. You can abandon him too, but then we won't be able to continue the game. After Bill goes into the transporter thing, go to the computer and press A and Bill will turn back. Talk to him again to get the S. Anne Ticket. There's a nice pool of water in front of Bill's house for those who returned with fishing rods. Take the South route this time. Talk to the couple on the way there. Heal, restock, and go to where the police officer was before.

Pokemon LeafGreen Version

He's not blocking the door anymore so go right on in. The first thing you'll notice is that the house he was blocking is all trashed up and a wreck. Only Team Rocket could be behind this! And so they are. Go outside through the back and confront the Rocket. He will admit to wrecking the house and battle you! OK, let's heal and continue onward.

If you haven't beaten Misty yet, you should have trained enough to do so. Continue on to find a daycare center with a man who will increase Pokemon's levels for you. You can't breed either. If you enter the bulding down below, the guard won't let you through. That's OK, head to the building on the right instead.

You'll find a girl who wants to trade a Nidoran. It's a great oppurtunity for the lazy ones that didn't catch the rare Nidoran from before. The grass here holds the same Pokemon as the the place after Cerulean so don't bother searching for Pokemon. Keep going to find two trainers. The male Camper on the left will have a Level 20 Squirtle. The female will hold a Level 16 Rattata and Pikachu. This Bug Catcher is very tough. He has a Level 20 Butterfree holding both Confusion and status attacks.

Skip him if you're weak. All right, the last two trainers now. The first one, a Camper, will hold 3 Level 16 Pidgeys. Now, the final trainer is rather tough. He holds a Level 16 Spearow and Raticate, the evolved form of Rattata and has pretty gnarly attack. OK, on to Vermilion City! The Pokemon Fan Club building. Talk to president. The S. Anne in which you use the ticket from Bill. Diglett's cave. A house wanting to trade a Farfetch'd for Spearow. The woman in the Pokemon Center who gives you a battle checker.

The Pokemon in the East section past Diglett's Cave. The bush blocking the gym. Now, for the quest of some items. As usual, restock and talk to the girl nearest to the nurse. She will give you an item which, when used near a trainer, will see if the trainer wants a rematch. It can only be used once in a while though.

How To Download Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen on Windows/Mac

Next, go to the neighboring house to the left of the Pokemon Center. There will be a fisherman there. Talk to get the Old Rod. Although it sucks, keep it anyway. Next stop is the Pokemon Fan Club. It should be pretty obvious with a sign and Pokeball on the bulding.

Talk to the old dude there and say yes to talk about his Pokemon. Afterwards, you'll get a Bike Voucher. Catch an extra Spearow and go to the house next to the Pokemon Fan Club. Trade it for a useless Farfetch'd. It's the only way to get it in out Pokedexes though. It's equipped with a Stick increasing its Critical Hit Ratio but it's still going to be useless later in the game. If try to head towards the gym, you will see a tree blocking the way. You will be able to cut it down later, so let's go somewhere else. Now, you should probably do whatever you have to at Cerulean.

Defeat any trainers you haven't already. If you still haven't beat Misty, you absolutely positively have to now. And if you still can't beat her, that's just sad. When you get back, look around. You should see the gym is blocked by a bush. Oh bummer. Now we have to do something to get past it : Like always. Well, why don't we train up a bit before actually doing some quests?

Shall we? If you haven't caught an Abra and evolved it, get a Drowzee or wait a bit longer for Mr. Either way, you need a Psychic on your team. They make great training posts and aren't quite that bad. The rest shouldn't interest you though so move on to the trainers. First, head up and get the Ice Heal. The Youngster directly across from you will hold only a Level 21 Ekans. He holds a great pocket so beat him an move on.

From the Gambler, move back up and right, right on down the path. You will find another Youngster standing still. He holds a Level 19 Sandshrew and Zubat. Next up is the walking Youngster. He will have a Level 18 Nidoran Male and Nidorino. Go South from him to find a bald dude, an Engineer. He carries a Level 2 18 Magnemites and Magneton, so make sure you have a Ground or Fighting type as he is very difficult without them. OK, from there, continue right and fight the old man, a Gambler holding a Level 18 Oddish and Bellsprout.

The Youngster below him will have 2 Level 17 Rattatas and Raticate. That should rap up the trainers. Before going in the bulding, grab the Great Ball and the Escape Rope hidden in the Rock above the gate. Now, go in the building. If you try to continue, there will be a Pokemon blocking the road. You can't do anything now so head back to the building and go upstairs to the observatory. You will find a trainer who will trade a Nidorina for a Nidorino. Not exactly a great trade, but do it if you want.

Next, Professor Oak's aid will want to see your Pokedex. If you have 30 Pokemon, he will give you an Itemfinder. You'll want it since it has a Special function to find hidden items. If you don't have 30 Pokemon, go back and catch some more and evolve them. Heal, and then it's time to board the S. Anne using the ticket Bill gave you. OK, there's a ton of trainers who are restless because something's holding up the boat, so let's fight them.

Oh, just to let you know, the place is a horrible place for Charmeleon. It seems that the boat isn't moving and many people are bored and itching for a battle, so let's get em and see what's up. Starting from the very right room, the Gentleman will hold 2 Level 18 Growlithes. In the next room to the left, there will be a nice young lady who will heal you. No running back to the Pokemon Center for you! Now on to the next room.

As soon as you enter, you will be challenged by a Gentleman holding a Level 19 Nidoran Male and Female. There nothing interesting in the next two rooms except a Wigglytuff you can talk to. After those two though will be a room with three people in it. The next person is a Youngster holding a Level 21 Nidoran Male. The last person does nothing, so go get TM31 containing Brick Break, one of the best Fighting attacks in the game!

The next room only has an undercover agent, so basically you've done everything you need to do on this floor. Now, go the left and down instead of up the staircase. Here, you will find the kitchen. In the third garbage can to the right, there will be a Berry. There's also a Great Ball in here.

Head back up now go all the way to the right and down into that staircase. In the garbage can near the descending stairs, you will find a Hyper Potion. Now, onto the trainers. In the first room there won't be anything but a Machoke and Super Potion. Get it and move on to the next. You will find two Sailors, the closer one will hold a Level 21 Shellder. The farther one will have a Level 18 Horsea, Shellder, and Tentacool. As soon as you enter the next room, you will get another challenge by a Sailor with 3 Level 17 Horseas.

Grab the Potion and move on. Now, on the second to last door there will be another Sailor with a Level 18 Tentacool and Staryu. Behind him will be TM44, Rest. Make sure you grab that as it is a very useful TM. Now, this next room has 2 trainers. The one wearing blue is a Sailor holding a Level 20 Machop. All right, that's another floor down. Now, from the basement let's head three floors up. I know we're skipping one, but that's fine for now. OK, there's some people here so it's time for some more trainer battles. As soon as you head out, you will see a bald man. He won't battle, so talk and keep going left.

There will be a Sailor just smack in the middle of the map, so defeat his level 17 Machop and Tentacool. That's all the trainers in this area for a quick clear. Head back to the previous floor, the last one. In the first room to the left, there should be a man in there. Talk to him to recieve a picture of Snorlax in your Pokedex. It's not a must, just a plus rhyme not intended. In the next room, fight the Fisherman holding 2 level 17 Goldeens and Tentacool. After him there should be a Gentleman holding a Level 23 Pikachu. Pick up the Stardust after defeating him.

The next room has no trainers or items, so keep going. At the room after, there will be a Lass at the top of the screen holding a Level 18 Rattata and Pikachu. There will also be a Gentleman with a Level 17 Growlithe and Ponyta. That's the last of the trainers, feel free to explore the last two doors, but heal up before you venture onwards because here comes the big scary rival. That's right.

Well, he hasn't done too much leveling up so he should be easy this time around since you probably have defeating all those trainers from before. Pidgeotto is still here and a threat with Sand Attack, so switch constantly if you don't have a Geodude or Pikachu to finish it quick. His Rattata seemed to have evolved even though it's not high enough a level, that darn cheater. Raticate has extremely high attack so use a Potion on Geodude or fight with another high defense Pokemon.

Watch out for Hyper Fang and Quick Attack which are very strong moves at this point. Its weakness is fighting. Abra has also evolved into Kadabra, a very mighty Pokemon, this time with more than just Teleport and unbelievably high Special Attack to trounce your Pokemon. You don't have much that can withstand Special Attacks at this point, so the best thing to do is to use Quick Attack and attack first since it has low defense.

Kadabra is one of the fastest Pokemon yes, including high levels, that's how powerful it is so be on your guard! It uses Psychic attacks and can disable your powerful moves for a limited time. Major annoyance at low levels. Now, for his starter, which has finally evolved, isn't too tough. It will usually use elemental attacks and a super effective hit can OHKO that sucker. Woohoo, after beating your rival you can head right up that staircase into the Captain's chamber. He seems to be a bit sick though He was seasick, so that's why the boat wasn't moving! He will give you your very first HM, Cut!

A quick side note, these HMs can be used as many times as you want and are nice moves but you can't delete them until much later in the game, so be careful who you teach it to! HMs can also be used outside a battle to get past obstacles, so teach it to one of your Pokemon since we'll be using it. Remember that you have to have Misty Cerulean City 's badge before you can use it outside of battle. Now, we can cut that tree blocking the gym. But before we do, let's head East into Diglett's Cave.

They range from levels Dugtrios are its evolution and are around Level It's near impossible to run from these guys since they have a high Speed stat and can have an ability called Arena Trap which blocks all Pokemon except those immune to Ground types from escaping. Keep a Flying type first and do NOT let it faint. Catch one of these guys as they are very good Ground types.

After resurfacing, you will see that you ended up in that place near Pewter in which you saw before. You can cut down that bush in the way and do all the business there that you want, including catch Pokemon which you didn't want to get before. When you finish your Pewter business, head South from the exit of Diglett's Cave. Check the house. There will be a man there who wants to trade a Mr. Mime for an Abra, an excellent trade if you have an extra Abra since Mr.

Mime cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Advances series. What a dumb kid. OK, let's try that new cut thing. Try it on the strange plant and head right on through. There should be another building with another one of Oak's assistants. If you have caught 10 Pokemon dear god, I hope you do , he will give you HM Keep going through the South exit.

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There will be an Ether. Pick it up. Keep going to find another item, a Paralyze Heal. You see those bushes to the left? You can cut them and head to Viridian City. There won't be anything new except that you can get a Move Tutor near the pond and can go a bit further through the Pokemon League checkpoint where you fought your rival for the second time. When you're done, head back to Vermilion City and get ready for your third badge. First, let's defeat the trainers though as they can be a menace trying avoid all the time and is a good way to practice.

If you can't tell by the name, this gym uses Electric Pokemon and only Electric Pokemon, meaning your ground types will have a ball as electric attacks do NO damage to them. None, zip, nada. If you don't have one, get you butt over to Diglett's Cave and catch one. Now, the first trainer to the very bottom will be a Sailor who does not use Water Pokemon, but instead will have 2 Level 21 Pikachus.

Next guy in the middle will be an Engineer with a Level 21 Voltorb and Magnemite. Now, the last guy is a Gentleman with a Level 23 Pikachu. He likes to use Double Team a lot, an extremely annoying attack that increases his evasion so your attacks won't land. OK, so now that the trainers are done, you should notice that the door to the gym has an electric block on it.

So here comes the puzzle. First, heal up since you if you exit after solving the puzzle, it resets. This is a really annoying puzzle. It's basically guess and check. You need to find two switches to unlock the door. They are hidden in the garbage cans. The first switch is random and the second switch will always be in one of the cans next to the switch. If you get the second switch wrong, the first switch resets and you have to find it all over again.

Once you get both switches, you are free to fight Surge. You can go to nearly the end of the game before you actually have to fight him. So if you feel lazy or can't beat him, move on for a bit :P Like every other trainer in the gym, Surge uses electric Pokemon. He's kind of a joke with Ground Pokemon, or even with just a Ground type attack since his defenses are weak.

All of his Pokemon have an attack you haven't seen yet called Shock Wave. It can never miss and can pack quite a punch. It still does no damage to Ground types though. Voltorb will be the easiest dude to beat. If Shockwave doesn't deal enough damage, it will use Sonicboom which misses often and when hits, deals 20 damage no matter what. Pikachu is also easy at a low level. His prize Pokemon is next, Raichu.

Raichu is the evolved form of Pikachu and is quite strong without Ground attacks. Its first 4 moves or so will always be Double Team making it a big pain in the butt to kill. If your ground attacks don't hit the first few turns, you'd better hope that you saved your game before. Thunder Wave also appears sometimes causing more annoyance and disability to attack. Not only that, but Lt. Surge will use a Super Potion if Raichu's low in health! Keep hitting and don't give up! Geodude, Sandshrew, and other Pokemon with high Defenses are greatly recommended. Remember that Raichu is the fastest Pokemon that you have met so far, unless you happened to come across a Dugtrio.

After defeating Lt. Surge whew! It can take a few times even with high level Pokemon , you will get not only the Thunderbadge does vitrually nothing and TM31, Shockwave. Heal, stock up, and get ready to move on. We're done here in Vermilion City. Don't forget to get the Itemfinder and move out.

But wait Well, let's backtrack to Cerulean City and see if there's anything there. While you're at Cerulean City, make sure you have a bike. While you're heading back, you may notice a small path to the right that we were not able to get to before. There seems to be a bush blocking the way. Let's cut it and continue onwards. You'll notice this is another one of the trainer's favorite standing around and doing nothing waiting for you to come spots.

Let's get em tiger! First match will be a female Picknicker with 2 Level 18 Oddishes and 2 Bellsprouts. Jump some ledges to see an item ball, TM If you move upwards, there will be a Bug Catcher with 2 Level 19 Beedrills. Continue to the left and find a hidden Ether in the rock. Jump the two ledges to find yourself back where you started. Go back to the Camper and head down and right, then up when you see the nearest opening. Now, go right, jump the right ledge and fight the Picnicker holding a Level 23 Meowth.

From her, jump down two ledges if you are not nor tired and defeat the Hiker with a Level 21 Geodude and Onix. Pick up the Burn Heal and head all the way back the the Meowth trainer. That should be it, head to the right and you will find a patch of grass and a Pokemon Center!

Weee, heal and get ready to catch a few new Pokemon. These only have a Level range of approximately and give little experience. You only want to catch Voltorb here, but it's not exactly the greatest Pokemon so I would drop it from your party.

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All right, whenever you're ready, fight the trainer South of the center holding a Level 20 Pikachu and Celfairy. Now, make sure you have at least 1 Escape Rope and some Potions as we're about to head into Rock Tunnel. Dank old place isn't it? And totally dark. I dearly hope so because if not, you're going to have a rough time through this place. Teach Flash to any Pokemon Don't erase a good attack, Flash blows and use it to light up the cave.

This place isn't the greatest training area either, but it does have some rare Pokemon only found in this area. You should catch a Machop and Onix, both great Pokemon when evolved, but quite rare. Now, head all the way to the right to find an item ball containing Repel. Head back and go South to find the first of many, many trainers in this cave.

The crazy Pokemaniac will hold a Cubone and Slowpoke. Cubone is a new face, it has very high defense so use a Grass or Water type to beat it up like with Brock. It's a Ground type. Slowpoke will show its face again for a second appearance. Grass and Electric will do with him. These Pokemon are hard, but only average here in this cave so don't be stingy with Potions. All right, continue down the path and take the ladder. Now, fight the Pokemaniac in the middle of the path holding a Level 25 Slowpoke.

Now, keep going all the way left to find a Revive. Now, go back and up to fight that Picnicker holding a Level 22 Oddish and Bulbasaur. You will soon find yourself in a place where there's a large rock in the middle of the place so you can go left or up. They both lead to the same ladder so go either path, or both. After you get out of the ladder, you will see a Hiker. Beat his 3 Level 19 Geodudes and Machop. Head to the left side of the rock and go down to find yet another Hiker holding a 2 Level 20 Onixes and Geodude. Head right to find an Escape Rope. Head up and battle the Hiker holding a Level 21 Geodude and Graveler.

Graveler should be a new face, it is the evolved form of Geodude but is taken down the same way. Almost out! Take the ladder and fight the Picnicker when coming out and going West. She'll have a Level 21 Jigglypuff, Pidgey, and Meowth. If you don't want to use it just yet, just head up from the Picnicker to get an Ether and fight the Hiker back to the left. He has 2 Level 21 Geodudes and a Graveler. Go up after him and fight the Pokemaniac with 3 Level 20 Slowpokes. Take the ladder. You'll be confronted by two Picnickers.

The first one will have a Level 22 Bellsprout and Clefairy. The second a Level 19 Pidgey, 2 Rattatas, and a Bellsprout. Go left and up to pick up an item and then back down and left to fight another Pickniker witha Level 20 Meowth, Pidgey and Oddish. That's out ticket out of here! After her just head on out! But wait! We're not out of the jungle yet. If you want, try to ignore the next few trainers and go straight on to the next city since your Pokemon are probably very low in health and PP, but I'm going to pretend that we're not. Jump the ledge and fight the next Hiker who holds a Level 19 Onix and Graveler.

Now head right and fight the Pokemaniac wandering around holding a Level 20 Cubone and Slowpoke. After him, run towards the city and celebrate that we are finally out of the cave! For one thing, the song's sad. Everyone seems to be talking about this Mr. Fuji and ghosts. I wonder what's up? How nice. Super Repel is also in stock for those who hate to battle.

The HUGE tower. The sad, sad, song. The Name Rater's house. You know, the one that's all of a sudden happy. Fuji's house. The one with a lot of Pokemon and a sign outside. He's missing. The two exits. The bottom one leads to Silence Bridge, the other to Celadon. Don't go to Silence Bridge yet, it leads to a dead end. No gym. Looks like there's no business to be done here Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Yahoo Answers. I have tried many different codes, but none have seemed to work. I have tried supercheats, gamefaqs, and a couple chat boards but i dont think the codes are updated. I understand i need to start the emu and cancel the I understand i need to start the emu and cancel the popup window, then go to options and choose codebreker or gameshark, then pick the leaf green rom.

Even when a popup window doesnt show up saying "error" or "wrong format xxxxxxxx yyyy" the pokemon dont show up. Can i get some updated codes that are proven to work?

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  7. Update: Spiffy: I tried the first type of codes for code breaker and it said the error xxxxxxxx yyyy thing again even though i put it in the right format 3 times. Then i tried the action replay for the gameshark cheats options and it went through, yet no pokemon popped up. I put the right master code in the first line then I put the right master code in the first line then the right pokemon code and searched above pallet town for a bit. Michael H: iv played these games since red version without ever cheating, i though i would try something new this time. Report Abuse.

    Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. If it wants codes in the xxxxxxxx yyyy format, that means it wants Codebreaker codes.

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