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Issues can occur during output if there is a great number of data records. Texts that are too long despite scaling are clipped after clicking "Apply" and confirming an error message. This is important especially for the replacement of dynamic barcodes where the replacement texts are given start and stop characters. Screening Selector - Pagewise selection by same color. Coating Editor - Selection of a new varnish color using color tables - Varnishing transparencies with soft masks.

Previously, images not knocked out were varnished with the entire box. Up to now, a clipped image was varnished only if it had a clip path. Now areas that are to be varnished can be set through color selection. Previously, clip paths were ignored in the preview; only a warning was issued. For example, this produces a file with version pages and a single-page base.

About Heidelberger. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft Heidelberg has been a major provider and reliable partner to the global printing industry for many years. We offer our customers all the components tailored to their requirements for successful business operations; we are advancing the digitalization of the industry, providing integrated and reliable production processes, financially optimal investments and smooth access to all necessary materials.

Rated 4. Quickly toggle between this mode and the spot color view to find out which color objects use process colors and which objects use spot colors. While in Visualizer mode, there are two ways to toggle between views within a diagnostic viewing mode:. In the "Individual separations" viewing mode, each of the separations present in the current page can be viewed individually, showing each "plate" in grayscale the appearance of each separation is shown in the upper right, where the total area coverage values are displayed.

In the same way as for images, it is possible to check the resolution of bitmaps. In the example shown here no problems are found, and a message in the document window indicates just that. Small objects have a tendency to either not print properly, or to be difficult to see or read. Here, small text objects are highlighted on the page, threshold values are chosen through the "Usage" menu. Obviously, on screen it is difficult to properly see small objects in the full window document view. As the highlight color will cover up the actual small object, just toggle to the full view using the keyboard short cut "right arrow" key, and then go back using the "left arrow" key.

The "Highlight lines " view highlights lines that are less wide than specified by the threshold values in the "Usage" field. The "Page border" view in the "Safety zone" mode simply highlights an area from the trim size of the page 5mm inward. Due to less than perfect mechanical processing the actual location of the 'border' may vary a little bit. Objects close to the page border may actually end up on the border which can look very displeasing to the human eye. In this view, make sure that no important page object - especially text - is in the safety zone. I the sample document, a text test patch reaches very close to the page border.

If the trimming of the page is off by 1 mm or so, the text will begin to be on the page border, not just close to it. In order to look at this at a more convenient zoom mode, use the Loupe tool in the document window, just drag the mouse over the area of interest while holding down the Shift key - the Loupe will open and show that area enlarged. Any objects 'ending' on the page border should actually extend beyond the page border for at least 1mm or 2mm to allow for less than perfect mechanical processing.

The "Bleed area" view highlights the area 'around' the page border: 3mm to the inside plus 3mm to the outside. The rule of thumb is: any page object on or very close to the page border should actually go as far as the highlighted region in this view goes. In the upper right of the Visualizer view there is a button "Report For each page in the visualized PDF document, a report page will be created in the report document. As the creation of the Visualizer report may take a little while for the sample document "Altona Visua" it takes 10 to 15 seconds on a typical machine , a progress bar at the bottom of the window informs the user about the progress.

A Visualizer report page contains all the relevant views also available in interactive mode. OpenOffice support requires OpenOffice to be installed on this system. The same is true for Microsoft Office Support on the Windows platform. Drag-and-drop the OpenOffice document onto the canvas of callas pdfToolbox 4. OpenOffice has to be installed on the system in order for this feature to work. In this example, we use the Visualizer tool to show that the whole document is still in RGB and would result in an undesired final print. Select the desired printing condition.

In the next step, we check if relevant objects are too close to the page edge and if the PDF contains enough bleed. To do this, select the mode "Safety zone". Due to finishing, elements close to the trimmed format might be trimmed cut off when the page is cut to the final size. This view highlights the area 5mm inside this trimmed area.

No objects of relevance should be there. A relevant object could be a page number. This view shows the trimmed area shown as a red line. Elements that shall be printed up to the trim have to extend the trimmed area by about 3 mm. This example shows that all objects end at the trim. The Loupe tool lets you take a close look. This tool creates the entered bleed by scaling the PDF a little bit.

Enter the required values 1 and press the Execute button 2. This lesson explains how to use the fixup, and how to create a fixup with dynamic variables, so that the same pre-configured fixup can be used for different cropping values each time. The Fixup dialog contains a list of all existing fixups. Due to the large number of pre-configured fixups the "Find" feature in the upper right is very useful when locating a specific fixup, or when searching for the fixups available for a certain type of modification.

In the "Show more options" menu - the button with the cogwheel icon - choose the "Create New pdfToolbox Fixup As the number of available fixup features is quite long, enter "box" in the search field to display only those fixups that deal with the page geometry boxes in a PDF. Select the entry called "Set page geometry boxes" - the available properties, like which geometry aspect to adjust, and by how much - will appear. The orange colored icons to the right of the text editing fields serve a very important purpose - by using them a field can be filled with a place holder, that will trigger a dialog at run time, so that a user can enter different values each time the fixup is used, without having to change its configuration.

When clicking on an orange 'dynamic variable' icon, a dialog will appear that lets you fill in the internal name of the variable we recommend to use upper case only, without spaces or special characters in the variable name , the label or explanation shown later on when the fixup is executed, and a default value, which is used to pre-populate the field later on. For the first field in the fixup, the variable name "LEFT" is chosen, the text "Left inset:" will inform the user later on what kind of value is established here, and the default value is set to 0 zero.

Once the configuration of the fixup is completed, clicking OK in the fixup configuration dialog will save the new fixup, and it will show up in the list of fixups in the "Fixups" dialog. When a user clicks on "Fix" with the new fixup selected, a dialog will appear asking for values for the four dynamic variables. In the example, only the "Bottom inset:" field is changed from zero to as we have defined millimeters as the unit for this fixup, this implies that the cropping is changed by 50mm. Important: In order to make the page size smaller, enter negative values.

Entering positive values will make the page sizer larger. When carrying out a fixup like this page cropping fixup, pdfToolbox will ask the user where to save the modified PDF file. In the "Results" view, pdfToolbox informs the user that the fixup has been executed successfully. Sometimes it is necessary to check against different values each time a check or fixup is carried out. As pdfToolbox offers dynamic checks and fixups — through the use of dynamic variables — there is no need to create separate checks and fixups each time the target values change.

Instead the target value or values can be entered each time the check, fixup or profile is executed. This tutorial explains the use of dynamic variables for setting up a check. In addition, the same dynamic variable mechanism can be used for fixups and profiles. Profiles may contain several checks or fixups making use of dynamic variables.

As variables are identified by their internal name, they can be re-used across a single check or fixup. For any given variable name, pdfToolbox will only ask once per execution for the value to be used. In the upper right of the pdfToolbox "Checks" panel is the "Tools" button — click on it and then select "Create New pdfToolbox 4 Check Upon closing the "Variable" dialog, the variable definition will be inserted in the "Number:" field as a placeholder token.

The same placeholder token can be used in more than one place — for example in the name field. Even in cases where a variable occurs more than once in a check or fixup or profile , the user has to enter it only once when executing it. By putting the same dynamic variable inside the name for the check will retrieve the value from the placeholder token for displaying the name either the default value for display in the list of checks, or in the results information after running a check — in that case it will be the value entered by the user. In order to reuse the variable in a different field, just select and copy it and paste it at the end of the name field — in this example "Image res is below" will then be displayed as "Image res is below " or if you add " ppi" after the placeholder token, it will say "Image res below ppi".

Once having clicked on the "Analyze" button, the check will be initiated, first asking the user to enter a value for the dynamic variable. The use of dynamic variables is not limited to just one variable in a check or fixup or profile. In essence, variables can be used for virtually any text edit field in dialogs that let you configure checks, fixups or profiles. We intend to be able to have a check that finds images whose resolution is within a certain range. As a consequence, we need two parts for the check, one for the lower bound, the other one for the upper bound.

Prepare the two parts of the check such that one is set to search for values "greater than" the threshold value 1 , and the other one for values "less than" 2. By copying and pasting the respective placeholder tokens, you can change the string "Image res is between Under certain circumstances, it may happen that a warning is shown, claiming that two properties contradict each other.

Just click "Continue" to proceed. Once the creation of the new check is completed, it will show up in the "Checks" panel 1. Click on "Analyze" to run the new check on the current PDF document 2. The dynamic check will find images between 70 ppi and ppi but ignore images below 70 ppi or above ppi. PDFs often have to be reviewed both for overall appearance as well as for correct content. After having clicked on the "Execute" button, choose the location and name for the exported PDF. Make sure not to overwrite your source PDF.

Depending on the number of pages in the source document, the export may take a while. Typically it should take about 1 second per page. After completing the export, please double check the size of the exported PDF. If the file size is more than you find acceptable, use the "Recompress" action in the "Images" group of the Switchboard, and apply JPEG compression. Choose between maximum quality for least lossy compression, or high quality if small file sizes are very important. Lower quality values will begin to introduce visible artifacts. Add a letter head draft to pdfToolbox, so that any letter may then be combined with the letter head in order to being sent as PDF file.

This unit explains how to turn a PDF file containing a brochure into a print ready PDF that can be output on a digital printing machine or printing press. Several aspects of inspection and optimization are highlighted. All the black text seems to also show up on the CMY color plates. This is not ideal and causes several problems:. The black text is now gone from the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow separations. All the text is now only showing on the Black separation, increasing the quality of the output for text as well as reducing the cost for color ink on digital printing devices.

Seemingly only one spot color, the Adobe Red, is used here. Sometimes PDFs contain a special color both as a spot color and as a process color. When processing or printing such PDFs, special colors that are expected to look the same will often look slightly different. In sheet fed printing, in most cases it will be sufficient to add 1. Some online print portals even limit the amount of bleed to such a small value to optimize sheet usage. For demonstration purposes, we choose 3 mm to show the effect more clearly. In cases where objects are already relatively close to the trim area, it is preferable to only use smaller bleed values.

In this example, we are choosing "CommercialPrintingCoated. Select a suitable setting defining the origin of the PDF files to be processed. Drag a folder icon from the "Basics" list in the "Elements" panel to the canvas, left to the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon. Next to each folder icon, a small number indicates how many files are waiting to be processed 1 or how many files already have been completely processed 2.

Once callas pdfToolbox has completed processing the PDFs, they will be stored in the second folder 1 , ready to be retrieved from there and sent to the press. The individual files are listed in the "Files" panel 2 and for example can be dragged to the local disk or into pdfToolbox Desktop or Acrobat Pro. Alternatively, you can also drag-and-drop the PDF document onto the callas pdfToolbox 4 application icon or the callas pdfToolbox 4 canvas.

Enter the desired TAC corresponding to the planned printing condition 1. Depending on the visual result, it is to decide if the problematic area in question has to be fixed. Close this window by pressing the Done button. Shows the available color conversion tools. DeviceLink conversion is needed to perform a color transformation of the complete PDF to a different or adapted printing condition.

To convert the PDF, press the Execute 2 button. No relevant areas are above the entered TAC. Elements defined in black only shall not be visible using the CMY only view 1. However, the Mercedes Star 2 is. To better view the Star, use the Loupe tool. To open the Loupe window, hold down the Shift-Key and drag a rectangle around the area of interest. Switching between views can also be achieved by using the right and left key for fast navigation. To open the Loupe view, hold the Shift key while drawing a frame around the object of interest.

No more black only elements on the CMY only plates. When placing Ads in a layout, it is often necessary to remove registration marks and clip the PDF to the visible area. This can be achieved in 2 steps. The Arrange tools allow to combine, rearrange and separate PDF pages in various ways. Press the Slice button. Slice lets you "cut away" objects.

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The affected objects are defined by a preflight check. For our example, it is necessary to choose a check that finds objects defined in registration color. This fix creates a duplicate of the opened PDF. Therefor, you have to choose a location for the newly created document. This action results in 2 PDFs.

One file with the sliced off objects and the PDF with the remaining objects. Convert a presentation file into PDF and generate a handout file from it. In a second step, convert this handout PDF into black and white in order to save ink or toner on the printing device. You may use the page up and page down cursor keys in order to scroll through the PDF file. A spreadsheet "Eventplan" has three tables on two sheets, some images and a diagram with saturated colors.

The size of the pages is adjusted by pdfToolbox depending on the settings of the respective page in OpenOffice. The profile "List page objects, grouped by type of object" is useful to create an overview of all objects in a PDF file. Select this profile by entering "group" into the search field. Open the Snap view by clicking the button "Show in Snap". Select the first entry from the list: "Page 1 RGB 1. The red patch from the diagram appears in the Snap view. The RGB values for the red entry are 1 in the red channel and 0 in the green and blue channels.

It would be good if this patch would be converted to Magenta and Yellow in order to be as saturated as possible in the CMYK color space. All other CMYK channels should be 0. Select the second entry from the list: "Page 1 RGB 1. The yellow patch from the diagram appears in the Snap view. The RGB values for the yellow entry are 1 in the red and green channel and 0 in the blue channel. It would be good if this patch would be converted to Yellow in order to be as saturated as possible in the CMYK color space. Select the fifth entry from the list: "Page 1 RGB 0. The gray patch from the diagram appears in the Snap view.

The RGB values for the yellow entry are 0. Select any of the printing destinations, e. Go back to the Profiles window and use the same profile "List page objects, grouped by type of object" as before in order to analyze the result. The red patch has been converted to Magenta and Yellow as requested and appears as a saturated as possible red in the CMYK color space. All other CMYK channels are 0. The yellow patch has been converted to Yellow as requested and appears as a saturated as possible yellow in the CMYK color space.

Select the fifth entry from the list: "Page 1 Black 0. The gray patch has accordingly been converted. Note that in addition, the sixth patch that is black has been set to overprint, because in the printing color space this is required in order to let a black object overprint other objects. If a black object is not set to overprint, there may be white lines around it when being printed. The General License and Support Conditions valid from April 27th, onward, are provided via this link.

It is a locked option of the callas pdfToolbox Server and therefore not available as a separate download. To activate it - a licensed version of callas pdfToolbox Server is necessary. This way, each color of the source color space is directly transformed to a certain color in the destination color space. Please find a list of profiles here. DeviceLink profiles complement the usage of regular ICC profiles to avoid weaknesses of a color conversion based on ICC profiles for certain tasks. This does not happen with DeviceLink profiles, which offer a direct control of color composition.

Return to callas pdfToolbox Server. Question: What is the target user group of the callas software pdfToolbox products? Answer: pdfToolbox Desktop is targeted towards people who want to manually inspect or correct PDF files. It can be used either as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat or as a standalone application without requiring any Adobe software to be installed.

It can be configured with hot folders also called watched folders or can be integrated more closely into a solution using the available command-line interface. Question: I am using pdfToolbox Desktop or Server 6. Can I get the latest version? Answer: Yes you can. Whether this will be with or without cost depends mainly on whether you have an active maintenance agreement for your software.

Please contact your reseller or send an email to orders callassoftware. Answer: No. You can use pdfToolbox Desktop as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is you choose to do so, but it can also be used as a completely independent application. Answer: Yes, the demo versions are fully-functional. However, they have a restricted lifetime. You can test our software for 15 days without restriction or obligation. You can find the full list of partners here. Alternatively the interactive products can be bought from the callas web shop here.

Answer: Your first point of contact should always be the local reseller; they are able to provide you with local support in your own language. Alternatively, send an email to us directly and we will be happy to help. Use info callassoftware. Where can I get help? As always it's safest to make sure you have a backup before you install new software on a production machine; specifically of the preferences folder where all of your custom profiles are stored.

Answer: Customers who have a software maintenance agreement SMA automatically receive a notification informing them of all version changes for callas software. They can also access detailed information on the changes made in the special SMA area of the callas software web site. Alternatively check our download page; this always lists the latests versions of all products. Question: I urgently need a particular additional function for a callas software product. What can I do? Answer: At callas software, we are constantly striving to improve our products. Past experience has shown us that it pays to collaborate with customers on solutions and enhancements to the CLI versions.

These functions can be tested on site in real production environments and then integrated into the standard version later on. If you have questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to technology callassoftware. Answer: callas software has a forum where interested users can exchange information about their experiences and specific usage conditions and discuss the integration of callas software into their existing workflows. Click here to visit the forum. You might also like to visit the Swiss-based site www.

It contains prepress forums on the professional use of software for prepress processes, color management, and further processing. Many valuable posts about using our tools in your daily work can be found here. Question : Is it possible to exchange profiles between different program versions? Answer: Generally exported profiles are interchangeable within the same program generation eg pdfToolbox 7. Of course, new corrections or checks that have been added in a minor update version eg pdfToolbox 7.

As new major versions can include fundamental changes in the profile structure, the profiles have an internal versioning. Therefore, older versions can not import the profiles of newer versions. Since these profile versions can be of interest to integrators and developers, please find the list with versions below:. Answer: Some 3rd party plug-ins like PitStop Professional are incompatible with the method to create the preflight or inventory report. Currently this error message can only be avoided by deactivating the 3rd party plug-in.

However, many of the requirements of the two standards are exactly the same. Invisible text is often used for scanned pages to give a scanned page image text that can be used for OCR text recognition. An output intent specifies the output purpose for a PDF file. Examples: A specific printing process such as sheet-fed offset on coated paper, printing on a specific type of digital printer, or output on the screen.

Thus, although typographical aspects — e. In practice, these minor differences seldom pose a problem and conversions ought to be smooth.


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You can try out the whole thing using Acrobat Professional 8 — the Preflight functions available there offer various options, e. With the correction options available in Preflight you can also sort out some problems through appropriate correction. They can be integrated in Helios or Switch environments without any problem. Click on the product you would like to use for conversions:.

This is a special variant of ICC profiles that maps a color conversion directly from the source to the target in ONE profile. Each color of the source color space is hence directly mapped to a specific color of the target color space. Thereby, source and target color space can vary or be the same depending on the purpose of a DeviceLink profile. Unlike in ICC profiles that can be combined freely as source and target profiles, a special DeviceLink profile is calculated for each specific task. DeviceLink profiles complement the use of standard ICC profiles to bypass the weak points of an ICC profile based color conversion for specific tasks.

Another advantage of the DeviceLink technology is that color data can be changed only when it is effectively necessary. If no change is necessary, the separation is also not changed - a fact that is rather impossible during the ICC profile based conversion! This is substantiated by the fact that a conversion from CMYK 4-channel to CMYK 4-channel via ICC profiles is always via the device-independent color space Lab 3-channel and hence necessarily leads to a complete reseparation of the already separated data - with partially unforeseen and typographically unwanted results.

DeviceLink profiles are particularly suitable wherever complete print data e. Most prominent example is the black generation that can be acquired through conversion using a DeviceLink profile. Therefore, you can be sure that a text built in pure black or a technical tone consists of only pure black even after the conversion. On the download page you can download the current version of the software for different platforms. If you still need older versions, use the direct links on this page to do so.

Heidelberg Prinect PDF Toolbox

For older versions of the software, contact us directly. The Activation Window appears. It is important to enter a valid email because the Activation PDF will be sent to that email address. This is generally safer than copy pasting the License Key. You can check what information is sent to callas by clicking the "Details" button. You can also use the "Details" button to get the activation information if you want to manually send it to the callas activation server.

The information displayed contains instructions on how to do this. Just a few minutes after sending your request using step 2 or 3, you will receive an email from callas containing an attachment called "Activation. You can drag and drop that file onto the lighter gray area or copy paste the information from the email into the input field below. It is generally safer to drag and drop the file rather than copy-pasting the information. Home Products callas Server. Version Product information callas pdfToolbox Server automates and standardizes the process of file delivery and reception.

Fully automated processing pdfToolbox Server allows processing PDF documents in a fully automated mode. MadeToPrint Server In companies where high-speed, high-volume output is of the essence, axaio provides a true server CoPrA CoPrA is considered the perfect control center for any profiling task as it enables users to prod ZePrA ZePrA is a sophisticated color server that simplifies automated color management and conversion f Claro Elpical Claro enhances your images in a fully automatic way.

Typically, Photoshop will serve as y ArtProof Quality Control Platform, an all-in-one solution As the longest automated proofreading technol ScanProof Quality Control Platform, an all-in-one solution As the longest automated proofreading technol Proofware Quality Control Platform, an all-in-one solution As the longest automated proofreading technol FileTrain FileTrain is a powerful tool for automating any type of workflow.

Besides copy, move, delete, FTP Imp InSoft has been developing innovative software solutions for the graphic arts and e-publishing bu Release notes NET 4. Output Intents, curve files etc Compare Libraries: Included settings of the scope of a specific check e. Please contact your reseller for further information. Features Standalone Reviewed and improved zoom functionality General Checks can now be a part of other Checks using the Property "Include other check" New option in Checks: "Invert check result" Process Plans New Sequence step type "Process Plan" to include other Process Plans as sub-parts New Sequence step type "Save PDF copy" allows to save intermediate results, optionally with suffix, prefix or in a sub-folder of the output path New Sequence step type "Quick Check" allows for high-speed determination of a custom set of PDF details as a JSON expression New Sequence step type "File pick up" allows for getting back to a previous state of the processed file and for using this version for further processing [CA] Profiles: Severity for generic syntax checks can be defined Variables: Licensing details are now listed in JavaScript object app.

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Fixes Fixups Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected result in some cases [FP] Actions Visualizer: Fixed issue, where report parts were not created as separate images [CA]. About callas software callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges. About Penthion Since more than 15 years Penthion Media Technologies operates as an A-Z supplier of automation solutions for both magazine and newspaper publishers.

About callas pdfToolbox CLI Expanding development horizons on a wide range of supported platforms, the well thought-out commands, easy installation and comprehensive documentation make it a breeze to get started developing with callas pdfToolbox CLI for all levels of developers. About Showpad Showpad is a Mobile Sales Enablement application aimed at drastically improving the sales effectiveness of any enterprise with a sales team.

Focus on customers Soar Printing, an Auckland based company that was founded back in as a family busi-ness, is considered to be at the forefront of the printing industry in New Zealand. Remove costs of quoting, preflighting and job creation Soar Printing mainly focuses on printing for commercial business such as marketing material, business forms, Point of Sale display items and packaging. Look into the future The callas software was installed about a year ago and was launched earlier this year.

Burman director in charge of development. Costly problems belong to the past Before investing in pdfToolbox, F. Support What is a preflight Check and how do I create one? Often the best thing you can do is search for an existing preflight Check that matches more or less what you want to do, and duplicate that. But sometimes it's quicker or necessary to create an The callas software GitHub repository In , callas software introduced a temporary GitHub account that was used to maintain a new Place Content template. In , the callas GitHub account went live and it handles Profile creation in pdfToolbox In this video, Dietrich von Seggern Managing Director at callas software shows you how you can edit profiles in pdfToolbox, as well as create your own profiles.

Better organization in pdfToolbox using libraries Once you start creating your own Profiles, Checks, Fixups and so on, you'll see that you need some organization or you're going to loose your way. Libraries are perfect for that! And you already In this webinar we show you how you can check in pdfToolbox whether or not your PDF files are ready to be printed. The shapes technology in pdfToolbox makes it possible to create dielines on the fly using pdfToolbox Webinar - Upgrading pdfToolbox Server and transferring Hot Folders to a new installation In this webinar we talk about upgrading your pdfToolbox Server and transferring Hot Folders to a new installation.

While there is no ready-made export and import functionality to migrate Webinar - Updating pdfToolbox configurators in Switch to use v10 instead of v9 In this webinar we show you how to update your pdfToolbox configurators in Switch to use v10 instead of v9. You have to manually update the path to the binary since there are no Switch How does Getting multi-color right N-channel color spaces become more and more popular, for example in digital printing.

What options does the This session goes into the theory behind them, but also Webinar - Preflight standards in callas pdfToolbox Over the years, organisations such as ISO and the Ghent Workgroup have developed different preflight standards. Using specially crafted DeviceLink profiles from Webinar - Creating an imposition template for printing stacks For some imposition layouts, you want to be able to cut and stack the resulting sheet. This can be important for numbering schemes for example. This webinar explains how that can be Webinar - Reformatting table throws in pdfToolbox The imposition engine in pdfToolbox can be used to split a layout such as a table throw and put the pieces into a different configuration for example for optimized printing.

This technology is nick-named 'Sifter' Webinar - Test mode in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about test mode in pdfToolbox. Nothing is so annoying as ruining your original test files while you're creating a complex fixup or process plan Webinar - Finding empty space in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about finding empty space in pdfToolbox. It's usually not hard to check if objects are where they should be, but what about checking if a certain Webinar - Fonts in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about fonts in pdfToolbox.

What can go wrong with Webinar - Upsampling images in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about upsampling images in pdfToolbox. If images are too large, pdfToolbox has image downsampling capabilities to make them Webinar - Batch processing in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about batch processing in pdfToolbox.

But callas Webinar - Remove objects outside of a page box In this webinar, we will talk about removing objects outside a page box in pdfToolbox. Webinar - Reporting for duty In this webinar, we will talk about reporting in pdfToolbox.

What are the options to create reports in multiple languages in pdfToolbox Server or Webinar - The imposition engine in pdfToolbox In this webinar, we will talk about the imposition engine in pdfToolbox. It's not as powerful as for example Imp from InSoft, How can you install multiple Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 10? Let's take a closer look together at the new features and improvements of version What if you want to add a color bar along your PDF files before they go to Webinar - Getting started with Place Content part 1 The "Place Content" fixup is perhaps the most powerful and flexible piece of technology in pdfToolbox.

It can also be a real challenge to wrap your head around it and get going with it Webinar - Showcasing hidden features in pdfToolbox 9. This is often because they are still being tested, usually to find out how to Webinar - Downloading older versions of pdfToolbox There are of course plenty of reasons to upgrade to the latest version of pdfToolbox. But sometimes you need to install an older version, and this video Both have their A good example would be a PDF file which contains elements for print, but also a cut contour that will be used for Webinar - New standards on the horizon: PDF 2.

It has also been working They have a Webinar - Getting started with Place Content part 2 The "Place Content" fixup is perhaps the most powerful and flexible piece of technology in pdfToolbox. Webinar - Dynamic imposition from theory to practice The imposition engine in pdfToolbox has learnt a couple of new tricks recently. We focus on how to make sheets and slots "on the fly", Webinar - Font, a four-letter word beginning with 'F' While font formats have become more modern and overall fonts have become higher quality, problems with fonts are still a sizeable chunk of what goes wrong with PDF documents.

At VIP Creating such a template for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, even Webinar - An introduction to pdfToolbox 9. Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 9? But we Webinar - Evolutions in preflight standards 15 years ago, the first preflight standard for PDF was invented.

Webinar - Preflight, the basics What does preflight really do for you? What can be checked for, or even better, what can safely be fixed? Do you need to create your own preflight profiles or is it better to Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 8. Webinar - Adding content in pdfToolbox 8 pdfToolbox 8 includes exciting new functionality to add all sorts of content to PDF documents. This webinar gives an overview of the different fix-ups to add content and goes into detail on Webinar - Content integrity throughout a workflow In many workflows, it is critical that documents do not change or that requested changes are performed correctly.

This webinar looks at a number of tools that help with comparing To make things clear, a practical use case of an advertisement workflow where multiple Webinar - Messing with color: colorful applications This webinar covers several color related topics: ICC Profiles, DeviceLink profiles and the difference between both. Using ICC Profiles and After a high-level review of each solution, the pros and contras of automation using these different Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 6? What is a preflight Check and how do I create one? But sometimes it's quicker or necessary to create an entirely new Check.

So, how do we do that? Playlist Did you like the video? And you already know them as pdfToolbox ships with a bunch of default libraries. But you can do a lot with them Get a quick overview of the functionality in pdfToolbox Desktop for PDF quality control, correction, color management, imposition and more.

The shapes technology in pdfToolbox makes it possible to create dielines on the fly using pdfToolbox. Dielines can be created from a page box such as the trimbox , a custom box, actual page content and using variables more creative applications such as circular dielines are also possible.

This webinar runs over the possibilities of the shapes technology in pdfToolbox and gives examples of common use cases. While there is no ready-made export and import functionality to migrate your Hot Folder setup to a new pdfToolbox Server installation, there is a quick way to move all your queues at once and we'll show you how it's done. You have to manually update the path to the binary since there are no Switch configurators for v Presentation - Updating pdfToolbox configurators in Switch to use v10 instead of v9. Presentation - Preflight standards in callas pdfToolbox.

This webinar explains how that can be accomplished using pdfToolbox, which contains a complete imposition engine. Presentation - Sifter in pdfToolbox. Presentation - Finding empty space in pdfToolbox. Presentation - Fonts in pdfToolbox. Presentation - Upsampling images in pdfToolbox. Presentation - Batch processing in pdfToolbox. For pre-press people the built-in profiles are probably understandable, but for your clients they might not be so easy to understand What are your options if you want to change the items reported to the user?

Don't like how pdfToolbox writes out your preflight report, because the text is too technical or terms haven't been translated correctly in your language? Maybe you want to have a preflight report in a language that is not supported by pdfToolbox. Custom dicts to the rescue!

Presentation - Reporting for duty. Presentation - The imposition engine in pdfToolbox. Presentation - pdfToolbox 10 1 Presentation - pdfToolbox 10 2. Presentation - Getting started with Place Content part 1. Presentation - Editing custom page sizes in pdfToolbox. Presentation - New standards on the horizon: PDF 2. Presentation - Processing steps: the new ISO standard for packaging. Presentation - Getting started with Place Content part 2.

Presentation - An introduction to pdfToolbox 9. Presentation - What's new in pdfToolbox 9? Go back in time with David van Driessche!


Presentation - Evolutions in preflight standards. Do you need to create your own preflight profiles or is it better to use standard profiles? And if so, what standard should you use? This webinar explains the ins and outs of preflight, both manually and automatically. Expect a mix of theory and practice! Presentation - Preflight, the basics. A better preflight report template allows easy customizability with a minimal knowledge of Javascript. A development preflight report template shows how to integrate information from XML reports and provides a solid JavaScript base for you to start from.

Presentation - Adding content in pdfToolbox 8. This webinar looks at a number of tools that help with comparing different versions of documents in a workflow , including: callas pdfToolbox for comparison of PDF documents Global Vision DocuProof and ArtProof for comparison in workflows where there is a mixture of text files, PDF files and scanned documents and where content consistency has to be maintained throughout all of these formats. Presentation - Content integrity throughout a workflow.

To make things clear, a practical use case of an advertisement workflow where multiple ad sizes need to be checked will be built throughout the webinar so that you see the technology in action. Webinar - Messing with color: colorful applications This webinar covers several color related topics : ICC Profiles, DeviceLink profiles and the difference between both.

Options and discussion. Presentation - Messing with color: colorful applications. After a high-level review of each solution, the pros and contras of automation using these different technologies are summarized so that you can take an informed decision and use what is best for your environment. What's with all the version numbers? Checking versus fixing - what to do when?

GWG Proof of Preflight - protecting preflight results. Presentation - PDF Preflight standards. Activation links for callas products Learn how to activate your callas products:. How can I find the callas pdfToolbox configurators for Enfocus Switch? Background In the past the pdfToolbox Server installer offered the option to install Enfocus Switch configurators; this option is no longer present in the pdfToolbox Server How to upload large files to support? Background When sending problems to support or asking questions about a specific functionality, it is always helpful if you supply as much information as How to create a pdfToolbox Server job that generates preflight reports?

Background callas pdfToolbox Server 5 allowed you to create "Hot folders" which specified a preflight profile and which indicated which preflight report needed to be generated in How to locate my callas preferences? Background This article explains how you can locate your preferences for one of the callas products. This can be helpful if you want to make sure you have a backup, if some of the How to export or import multiple profiles at once?

Background It is quite easy to export or even import multiple profiles at once. Instructions Just go to the "Edit" dialog of the profiles or chose How to move your pdfToolbox settings to another machine? Background This article explains how you can move or copy your pdfToolbox settings to another computer. Instructions First of all, make sure the new Because of the How to reset my pdfToolbox Server? Background This article explain how you can reset your pdfToolbox Server when you are not able to start them.

Instructions Close pdfToolbox How to locate my jobs folder of pdfToolbox Server? Background Every job that you create in pdfToolbox Server is stored in the "Jobs" folder. It's very important to know where that Jobs folder is How to integrate callas pdfToolbox with Enfocus Switch? Of course the pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox products integrate into Answer: callas software is a registered developer at Apple for When upgrading Adobe Acrobat on Windows for example to go from version 9 to Acrobat X , Adobe Acrobat is completely reinstalled and the old version of the software is removed by the Adobe How to upgrade pdfToolbox Server successfully?

Background Sometimes after upgrading to a newer version of callas pdfToolbox Server, the server jobs are not moved automatically. Instructions Go to Background In the past the pdfToolbox Server installer offered the option to install Enfocus Switch configurators; this option is no longer present in the pdfToolbox Server 6 installers. Instructions Because of how Enfocus handles configurators in Switch, it was no longer possible to provide configurators in the callas pdfToolbox Server installer.

If you already had pdfToolbox configurators installed, scroll down on the "Local" tab. If you don't have any pdfToolbox configurators installed, switch to the "Web" tab and scroll down there. If an orange amber light is shown, right-click the configurators you want and select "Update". If a red light is shown, right-click on the configurators you want and select "Install". Follow the instructions of the Pack Manager to install the new configurators. Background When sending problems to support or asking questions about a specific functionality, it is always helpful if you supply as much information as possible: Profiles or Process Plans when working with pdfToolbox or pdfaPilot Example documents 'before' and 'after' to explain the problem or question Screenshots explaining the specific problem When such files are over 2MB it is more reliable and quicker to send them to us through our Dropbox.

Instructions First of all, please give your documents a unique name. If you already have a case ID a 5-digit number , please include this case ID in the name of the file s you are going to send to us. Click this link to browse to our Dropbox upload page Click "Choose files from your computer" and navigate to the files If you are not logged into Dropbox, fill out your First and Last name and email address Click "Upload" You will receive an email confirming your files were uploaded succesfully.

Background callas pdfToolbox Server 5 allowed you to create "Hot folders" which specified a preflight profile and which indicated which preflight report needed to be generated in case of success, warning or error. Using the action button at the top right of this window, click the "Create New callas pdfToolbox Process Plan This opens the Process Plan window where you can design a new Process Plan.

Select the "Profile" option in the list at the top and click the "Add" button. This will add a step to the Process Plan that will allow executing a preflight profile. Click on the "On Error:" pull down menu to expose the options available when an error is detected and select the option "Create PDF comment report". Now connect to your pdfToolbox Server and create a new job. Click the "Profile:" pull down menu; you'll see your newly created Process Plan in this menu. Select it and the instructions in your Process Plan will now be executed by pdfToolbox Server.

Instructions The settings for the callas products are stored in your system's preferences folder. Go to the Finder and click the "Go" menu so that the list of places appears you can go to. Hold the "option" key to make "Library" appear in this list. Instructions Just go to the "Edit" dialog of the profiles or chose "Create new callas Profile". Mark all profiles, which shall be exported in the left list. Click the right icon below this list. Now just choose the destination folder, where the selected profiles shall be saved. To import more than one profile is also quite simple in the desktop-version: just drag'n'drop the.

Instructions First of all, make sure the new computer has the same ICC profiles installed as the current one. Instructions Open pdfToolbox Desktop and either launch a local server or connect to your remote server in the usual way. Create a new job, fill in a name and description optional and setup input and output folders. In the "Additional CLI parameters" enter "--topdf". If you select a profile as well, the file will first be converted to PDF and afterwards the selected profile or process plan will be executed on it.

If you want to use your own PDF Settings instead of the default settings, you have to enter a second command-line parameter. If this path contains spaces, it has to be contained in double quotes as in the example screen grab below. Instructions Close pdfToolbox Server. The "Jobs" folder can be stored on a backup server or you can put it on another machine where pdfToolbox Server is running, same path as described above.

To ensure pdfToolbox remains working, follow the following steps: Your preferences should not be affected by this upgrade. Make sure you have the pdfToolbox installer handy. Run the Adobe Acrobat installer to upgrade your Acrobat installation. When Adobe Acrobat is installed and properly working, run the callas pdfToolbox installer to reinstall the pdfToolbox plugin in your new version of Adobe Acrobat. Remarks Your preferences or custom profiles will not be affected by running the Adobe or pdfToolbox installer.

You should not need to reactivate pdfToolbox, it will continue to recognize your license. You can avoid having to run the pdfToolbox installer, but going into the plug-ins folder of Adobe Acrobat and making a copy of the callas pdfToolbox folder. Then, after upgrading to the new Adobe Acrobat version simply copy the pdfToolbox folder back into the plug-ins folder of Adobe Acrobat.

Go to the "Server" folder of the latest version of callas pdfToolbox Server. Place the "Jobs" folder into the "Server" folder of the latest version of callas pdfToolbox Server. I cannot activate my callas product as I don't have an Internet connection Symptoms I have to install callas software on a system that doesn't have an Internet connection.

I have requested an activation file from callas and have dragged-and-dropped the received The imposition action doesn't work anymore after changing a page size Symptoms After editing the PageSizes. Cause callas removed some older stuff to harmonize this repository with the one in the desktop version. Cause When going through the procedure, an error message appears because the callas activation server cannot be contacted. Solution In order to make this work, you can do off-line activation.

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