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The free software listed on this page allow you to create and edit your own fonts. For those who merely want to use free fonts rather than create their own fonts, please see the Free Fonts page instead. In addition, if you only want to create bitmap or raster fonts, you may also want to check out the Free Resource Editors and Compilers page, which may have font editors to create and edit raster fonts. Note that it does not have a glyph editor, so if you are looking for that, this is not the program you want; try one of the other software listed on this page.

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You will need to have a Python interpreter installed on your system to use the software. It is released under the Apache License, Version 2. It has many features, including the ability for you to add hints to your font, either manually or allowing the software to automatically generate hints. Hints allow your fonts to still look good at small font sizes.

You can also use the program to convert fonts from one format to another. This is a simple raster font editor that lets you create bitmap fonts.

Pro Tools in Your Hands

You can save your raster fonts as font resources fnt , a resource script rc , Windows bitmaps bmp and text files txt. It is a Windows program. At present, it is available only in source form. Type light is an OpenType font editor that handles both. Your fonts can have up to glyphs, which can be mapped to Unicode characters.

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  • Glyphr Studio is a free, web based font designer. Version 1 is here!.
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Besides creating your fonts using the basic drawing tools, you can also edit TrueType and PostScript curves, convert fonts between TrueType and PostScript fonts, and enter basic font names, descriptions and parameters. PaintFont PaintFont is a simple web-based tool that takes all the work off of your hands and gives you a finished font based on your handwriting. Availability: All modern browsers.

5 best font editors

The interface is divided into tabs on top, main area in the middle and a sidebar with tools which are grouped by functions and explained here. To create fonts, you can draw on the grid, import SVG icons to make an icon font, or draw letters by hand in another program or even on paper , then import that image into BirdFont as a background and draw over it, tracing the letter shapes. Step-by-step tutorials can be found on the official website. FontForge FontForge is a free, open source, complete software solution for creating fonts. With so many tools and options, it might seem overwhelming to a beginner.

In FontForge, you draw letters using curves and modify their shape and position.

6 Best Free Tools to Create Fonts – Neo Design

The Spiro mode lets you perform detailed adjustments on curves. You can also use it to extract fonts from PDF files. The basic interface is pretty straightforward, with only a few tools. However, this changes when you switch to Expert Mode. Here you get access to more options, like brick compositing and outlines. You can zoom in and out of the work area, switch to fullscreen mode and toggle different kinds of grids and guidelines. Your new font is exported either as TTF or in a special. Availability: Sign-up required. Supports all modern browsers, but needs Flash to work properly.

You can import outlines from Inkscape and Illustrator, or even import entire SVG fonts and modify them.

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Professional designers will be delighted by the Two Screen Mode, which lets you split Glyphr Studio across two monitors. Availability: All modern browsers, but works best in Chrome. If you want to turn your signature into a font, MyScriptFont makes it effortless — just download the template, fill it out with a dark blue or black pen and scan it as a portrait grayscale image at dpi.


Once you upload the image, MyScriptFont will give you a new font to download. Fontastic is a tool for creating icon fonts, and it offers a short guide to show you how. You can upload existing icons as SVG files and convert them within Fontastic, build multiple fonts and font collections, and modify every character with CSS to add shadows and color. Works in all modern browsers.

best free font editor mac Best free font editor mac
best free font editor mac Best free font editor mac
best free font editor mac Best free font editor mac
best free font editor mac Best free font editor mac
best free font editor mac Best free font editor mac

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