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You can use these to perform almost any task, such as applying keystrokes, navigation functions or launching apps. ExpressKeys are found within Functions. Next, repeat the steps for adding Illustrator as an application that you wish to customize, as noted above for the Grip Pen.

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

Once Illustrator is added to the application row, you are now ready to customize your ExpressKeys. With the Functions selected in the tool row, ensure that the ExpressKeys tab is selected and a diagram of the ExpressKeys on your tablet are visible.

Wacom One by Wacom CTL-672-N Medium Creative Pen Tablet

Make sure that you have the Adobe Illustrator icon selected in the application row. Now you are ready to customize your ExpressKeys.

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Similar to setting up the side switch of the Grip Pen, click on the dropdown menu next to any ExpressKey and select a preferred function, such as keystroke. Similar to the Grip Pen example, you can assign any keystroke—or series of keystrokes—that you prefer to an ExpressKey. Alternatively, you can assign specialty functions such as modifiers or Radial Menu, which is discussed in the next section.

Set up your ExpressKeys around your specific workflow, assigning them to your most commonly used keyboard shortcuts and functions. Another powerful function of the Intuos Pro tablet is Radial Menu. Like ExpressKeys, the Radial Menu makes commonly used keyboard shortcuts and functions quickly accessible. Radial Menu is in essence an extension of ExpressKeys. Four customizable ExpressKeys put your favorite shortcuts at your fingertips. Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Graphics Tablet.

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Software download instructions. Quick start guide. Tech Specs. Other Features: Bluetooth.

The Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4. Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium Ion. Weight: 8. System Requirements. Operating System: OS X Manufacturer Information. Part Number Mfr. Warranty: One year. Be the first to review this product. Answers from the community. Active drawing area: 4.

The drawing area is small, yes, but the pen is sensitive enough to give you a true sense of the creative benefits drawing tablets can bring. While not as affordable as some of its rivals from XP-Pen and Huion, the Cintiq 16 Creative Pen Display — Wacom's entry-level tablet — is still much more attractively priced than many of its expert-oriented siblings.

Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Graphics Tablet - Small

In the entry-level market it also has a trick up its sleeve in the form of the Pro Pen 2 stylus , which tops out at 8, levels of sensitivity, beating many similarly priced tablets. In our Wacom Cintiq 16 review we found a lot to like about this device, especially its gorgeous display that shows off all the hallmarks of Wacom quality.

It's really encouraging to see Wacom entering the new-user space, with a price point to match, and the Cintiq 16 is a welcome example of a Wacom tablet that doesn't require absolute fistfuls of cash to acquire. This is a fantastic entry point for any designer. Active drawing area: 10 x 5. XP-Pen's Deco tablets blend style with functionality, and the Deco 03 is no exception.

This matt black, ultra-sleek model doesn't only look good, but also feels good to use, thanks to its well-made pen and generous drawing area. It's well-designed in a workflow sense too, with customisable Express keys and a multi-functional dial in the top corner that allows you to set things up exactly how you want them, so you can spend less time fiddling and more time drawing.

Well, you could be justified in worrying that at 8mm, the Deco 03 is a little too slim, to the point where a moment's carelessness might cause damage to it. If that doesn't worry you, this is a great buy for a good price. Active drawing area: 6. The second Huion drawing tablet on our list is the HP , which boasts a comfortable drawing experience in a convenient size for travel. The Huion HP measures just If you have the budget, the MobileStudio offers everything you could want in a drawing tablet.

But it also benefits from the same technology Wacom brings to its Cintiq pen display range, making the MobileStudio a pleasure to draw with. And if you want, you can even tether it to the more powerful PC or Mac in your studio with the optional Wacom Link.

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  • A 16in MobileStudio is also available. Also read: Wacom MobileStudio Pro review. The Surface Book 2 delivers true versatility for the designer on the go. You can use it as a regular laptop, then twist the screen to turn it into a flat tablet with a touch-sensitive screen. For drawing, you need to add the optional Surface Pen, which provides a respectable 4, levels of pressure sensitivity.

    The best drawing tablets money can buy | Creative Bloq

    Also read: Microsoft Surface Book 2 review. The Pencil now offers magnetic docking and new workflow-improving shortcuts, such as double-tapping to switch modes. Active drawing area: 7.

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