Windows 95 vs mac os

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Things like preemptive multitasking, built-in networking, and a desktop-based interface had been hallmarks of the Mac for years. And that was good enough for power users but more importantly it allowed the average person to get into the PC game relatively inexpensively without having to learn any special skills.

Windows VS Mac: The history from 1984 to 2011

In that sense it made the idea of a computer in every home practical and gave the World Wide Web the democratized platform it needed to exist. For better or worse, Windows 95 pave the way for the information age for most people, and out of its popularity grew things like digital music downloads, photo sharing, even personal email, all things that most people before it had never given a thought to.

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Windows Big Step Forward or Blatant Mac Ripoff? | Low End Mac

The first ever floppy disk drive and expandable memory with external memory card soon followed. The Apple II became widely used in schools, but demand was growing for a less expensive, user-friendly machine for personal use at home.

The Macintosh was widely released in and revolutionized personal computing, but soon became almost obsolete due the popularity of inexpensive PCs. In , the popularity of Macs came roaring back with the invention of the sleek and trendy iMac, and Apple has been on an upward trajectory ever since. It was the release of Windows 3.

Windows 3. Throughout the decade, Apple attempted to sell inexpensive, low-end Macs in an attempt to compete with Microsoft and IBM.

New version of Windows 95 runs faster on Windows 10, macOS and Linux

In , the release of Windows 95 with the Pentium processor was another big threat to Apple, and they started the Macintosh Clone Program in order to compete. This program licensed the Mac operating system for use on other machines, which made it possible for Window users to purchase the Mac OS for use on their PC.

Many positive advances in technology have come about thanks to the competition between Microsoft and Apple.

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This set the stage for Microsoft to release a slew of similar programs over the years and paved the way for YouTube and other video sharing websites.

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